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What Are The Benefits of Automated Dental Insurance Verification Software

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

3 Tips That Will Help You Decide If Automated Dental Insurance Is Right For Your Practice

Verifying dental insurance benefits is an important chore that can result in accounts receivable problems that are less troublesome. This will not only raise your accounts receivable figures; it will also increase adherence to your treatment plan. Knowing what information to give patients about their insurance coverage helps the patient make an educated treatment choice.

“One of the software's additional features is the automated option to perform bulk verifications for a list of patients on a daily basis..”

Anyone who has ever been on hold with an insurance company knows that wait times are frequently excessive, and speaking with someone in person is nearly impossible. Most offices struggle with this barrier, but we are forced to choose between time-consuming insurance verification and revenue loss due to insurance companies denying claims. Not to mention the patients' dissatisfaction with unexpected charges and excessive costs that they were not expecting. With our insurance verification software iVerify can save you both time and money.

Patient Benefit Utilization

Additionally, if there is no verification and breakdown of procedures covered, patients may not be utilizing all of their benefits. Many dental insurance companies are now covering more preventive procedures than ever before, which is a huge advantage for patients. Knowing whether their benefits cover fluoride treatments, adult sealants, and advanced oral cancer screenings, such as direct fluorescence visualization, will boost production and reduce the need for unnecessary and costly restorative procedures.

Developing Relationships with Patients

When patients receive bills for unexpected charges, they can become very frustrated. Verifying insurance and the benefits that the patient is eligible for can help to alleviate this problem. Unexpected expenses are the quickest way to lose a patient's trust and receive a negative review. This puts the practice manager/dentist in a losing situation, either by losing a patient or losing money by writing off the expense of accommodating a patient's complaint. Though all treatment plans come with the caveat that they are estimates, it is preferable to have an idea of their eligibility than to take a chance. This will significantly reduce the amount of money lost in practice.

Closing Thoughts

It is in your practice's best interest to ensure insurance is verified in order to better serve your patients and improve your accounts receivable balance. If this task is too difficult or time consuming, having our insurance verification software can help lead your practice in the right direction. It will reduce the amount of time your staff will spend on the phone with insurance companies and will give you an inside look at unused patient benefits. Automated Insurance Verification will help improve patient relationships, treatment plan acceptance, account receivable balances, and, most importantly, patients' oral health. Isn't that something that everyone in the dental industry should strive for?

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